Groom Professional Pro X Blade Kit (30, 10, 5F, 3 3/4F)

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  • Kit contains 30, 10, 5F and 3 3/4F blades
  • Blades will cut from 13mm to 
  • A variety of Full Tooth (Finishing) blades
  • Compatible with clippers that accept A5 snap-on blades
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Pro X Blade Range

A range of blades which are top quality and yet are available at a price which means that any groomer can have a good stock of blades, meaning less downtime caused by blunt blades.  Pro-X blades undergo a special hardening process which provides excellent resistance to wear, whilst maintaining excellent cutting performance.  They come in both steel and ceramic versions and are compatible with all clippers which take snap-on blades.
  • Kit contains 30, 10, 5F and 3 3/4F blades
  • Blades will cut from 13mm to 0.5mm 
  • A variety of Full Tooth (Finishing) blades
  • See table below for blade details

Although we have an extensive range of clipper blades, it should still be easy to work out what you need. Check out our handy table below for information on each blade size. Remember we are here to help, so if you are stuck on which blade to buy, give us a call on 028 2766 6879 and we will be happy to assist.


Blade Size Chart
Name Description Extra Information

No 3¾ F 

Full Tooth Blade

Leaves 13mm hair

No 5F

Full Tooth Blade

Leaves 6.3mm hair

No 10

Full Tooth Blade

Leaves 1.6mm hair

No 30

Full Tooth Blade

Leaves 0.5mm hair

To be used as a guide only. Exact lengths may differ slightly between manufacturers.

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