Pawsh Perks - GP Cologne Bundle

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Pawsh Perks - GP Cologne Bundle

Groom Professional Lavendar Cologne 200ml

Long-lasting pet cologne with the relaxing scent of Lavender. Contains notes of lavender and eucalyptus combined with a floral and cool musk fragrance for a truly unique scent experience. A modern twist on the classic lavender scent! Scent will last for days and is suitable for both male and female pets.

Groom Professional Star Cologne 500ml

All doggies can smell like superstars with our new Star Cologne. Containing jasmine, rose and lily perfume it leaves dogs smelling like stars for days at a time.

  • Also contains geranium and pathouli essential oils- so not only does it leave the coat smelling amazing but also it help it look amazing too.
  • Great to use between washes to help freshen the pooch and mask any no-so-nice smells
  • Also makes a lovely finishing touch for a just washed/groomed dog
  • New sleek design bottles

To Use:  Just a couple of squirts onto the dogs coat or onto a brush and sweep through the coat to leave your dog smelling like a star.

Helpful Tip: This spray can also be kept in the house or car to freshen up rooms and add a pleasant smell that lasts.

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