Show Tech Comfy Stripping Stick

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  • comfortable hand stripping tool
  • Great for stripping show dogs with difficult, wiry coats
  • Anti-slip handle for maximum control and comfort
  • Strip without damaging the coat

Show Tech Comfy Stripping Stick

The Show Tech Comfy Stripping Stick works like a stripping stone. It is perfect to hand strip larger parts of your wire-coated dog without damaging the hair. You will be able to pull any individual hair with precision and ease and this even in the most delicate areas. 

Just like all other stripping tools, this stripping stick is also great in case the coat has previously been clipped, scissored or hand stripped with a sharp stripping knife and if you want to (re)create a natural-looking coat. By hand stripping with this tool, you pull out the soft, dull hairs from root to tip and make place for wiry hairs to grow back again. 

Made from stainless steel and with a comfortable, soft grip and anti-slip handle that reduces fatigue and prevents blisters or sore hands.

Use instructions: Hand stripping with this tool is easy-peasy! Take the stripping stick in your dominant hand. Then, push the coat upwards with your thumb and close the hairs in by placing your thumb against the “blade” of the bottom part of the stick. Now some hairs of the top coat are between your thumb and the blade. Pull the hairs away from the coat and in the direction of the hair growth. Only pull a few hairs at once. To make sure this is a comfortable experience for your dog, hold the skin carefully but tightly with your other hand. Repeat until you have reached the desired length. 

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